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When delivery?
How do I view my orders?
What are the different payment methods?
How to view the Help Center?
Forgot your password?

When delivery?
Order after general within 48 hours of delivery (the suburban counties delivery time may take longer);
Other users in the region, according to your shipping address and select distribution methods vary, the general arrival time 1-7 days delivery time (very remote areas may take longer);
Time coupled with the deployment of the goods in the case of goods without spot.

Into the shopping center -> "My order" view order details or modify.
You can help center "orders" orders "Order" Order Status "single management view and set at. You can view orders for nearly a month, a month before the order has been canceled orders, transaction records and other information.

What do you mean each state are
Order Audit:
After you successfully submit an order, we will order conducted our audit in the sorting and packaging of the goods, and it will be completed as soon as possible. This will take some time, please be patient.

Waiting for payment:
After you submit your order requires you to select a payment method, if you choose the online payment, please be patient orders audit. If online payment, please complete payment as soon as possible, the order is not completed within 24 hours to pay will be canceled. If the payment process abnormalities Please keep in touch with our company.

Waiting for the receipt:
Your order has begun distribution, you wait for the receipt. If you have received the goods you can click on the confirmation of receipt, if you do not click, the system will automatically 15 days after the confirmation of receipt of this order is completed.

Order Cancellation:
You can see the following reasons this state
1) You own orders canceled, the system will automatically display this state;
2) If you pay online, more than 24 hours you still do not pay;
3) buy goods orders, more than two hours yet paid.

Distribution failed:
If you fill out the address is incorrect, outside the distribution range is not available to you at the distribution, we will order marked as orders delivery failure, please state your prompt attention to orders. If you need help please feel free to keep in touch.

Confirmation of receipt:
This button will appear in the upper right corner of the order fulfillment. After you receive orders merchandise need your login account click on the confirmation of receipt, if you do not click on this button to confirm, the system will be completed within 15 days after this operation. After the completion of the confirmation of receipt, you can evaluate the purchase of goods, integral evaluation will be presented.

What are the different payment methods?
Currently, the online store only support online payments. (PAYPAL, Alipay)

How to view the Help Center?
Click on the top right of the home page "Beginner's Guide" will be automatically connected to the "Help Center" Home,

Forgot your password?

1, If your mailbox has been activated, you can click on the "Login" right side to retrieve password, the system will automatically send an e-mail to your mailbox to reset your password;

2, sending e-mail to customer service email: YILY@WORLDSOURCES.COM submit the following information: Registered user names, registered name, contact telephone number, account balance, the last shopping information: order number, order merchandise name, consignee, receiving address, order amount. (3 can be arbitrarily)


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