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Receipt inspection process

Effective protection for your interest, please be sure to sign for the goods commodity type, quantity and appearance check acceptance.


To protect your rights, we recommend that you try not to entrust others to sign on behalf of; such as the person for whom the receipt of goods without inspection in case of distribution presence, as the packaging of the goods you ordered without any problems;

2 Please keep the product packaging for at least 15 days so if you find the product quality problems can be timely and effective treatment for you;

Receipt of goods process if there are any abnormalities, please call our customer service hotline at 400-089-2001.

Express query:

Website: http://www.sto.cn
Service Tel:400 -889-5543

Good luck
Website: http://www.sf-express.com
Service Tel:400-811-1111

Tact Express
Website: http://www.yto.net.cn
Service Tel:400 -609-5554

Post EMS
Website: http://www.ems.com.cn
Service Tel: 11183

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